There is one simple formula that is the key to online profits:

That concept is easy enough to understand, and but it is not always easy to implement. If you have money to spend on running ads, it may be easy to get visitors to your website, but it may not be profitable.

On the other hand, free traffic can be difficult to come by. Search engine traffic begins with good keyword research, but once you have found your target keywords, the work really begins. Search engines use a large number of factors to determine which sites get ranked highest in their results, but nothing seems to be as important as gettig high quality backlinks.

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With only a few hours of work, you can begin to dominate the search engine results. As time goes on you can drive some serious traffic to your site.

You have probably spent many long hours or spent a lot of money building your site, so you owe it to yourself to start getting targeted visitors to your content.

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